When Your Lover Really Becomes Your Partner

This is for the boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife who lit the spark that will warm your heart forever. It’s for the lover that really and truly became your partner; the person who changed everything. It’s not a single moment. There isn’t a magical strike of lightning to your heart indicating that your relationship has … Continue Reading


25 Moments That Make Being in Love So Incredible

Every day I read articles trying to dissect and diagnose love and relationships. I can’t help but think that maybe love really isn’t definable at all. Maybe being in love with someone is just a series of moments that feel different from the rest of life. These moments give us pure happiness, and awaken our souls. … Continue Reading

36 Thank You Messages For Your Everyday Prince Charming

Though they may be slaying the spider in the bathtub instead of dragons, you know what it means to have found someone who saves you in little ways each day. Even princes need a few reminders that they are appreciated. Thank you for apologizing when I’m too stubborn to do so. Thank you for taking … Continue Reading