9 Things I’ve Learned About Being A Big Sister

Coming from a family of all girls and being the oldest has taught me a lot. As the oldest, you are expected to set an example and lead your younger siblings. With two little sisters, I was especially responsible for leading by example when it came to behavior, curfews, the way I dressed and the … Continue Reading


50 Things I Want For My Little Sister

1. The ability to first fall in love with herself, and with the true beauty that lies within her heart. 2. Many nights spent laughing so hard that she can barely catch her breath. 3. A few true friends that will never abandon her, or try to change her. 4. Mentors to learn from, and … Continue Reading

47 Reasons Why Your Sister Is The Perfect Best Friend

Sisters are genetically gifted to you as the optimum best friend choice. Your mom’s grocery shopping caused you to like the same snacks. Nothing depicts friendship compatibility more so than corresponding snack preferences. You basically have guaranteed Maid-Of-Honor privileges. Anything and everything that you own is a shared commodity. It is your closet times two. … Continue Reading