6 Things Single Girls Actually Want This Valentine’s Day

It’s that time of year again, the temperature is dropping, the snow is falling and store displays look like Cupid threw up. Valentine’s day is a wonderful time of year where people in relationships are encouraged to express and showcase their love. While the single people are constantly reminded that they are in fact single. … Continue Reading


When You Just Want To Be Alone

Recently, someone questioned my affinity for red wine. My answer, as most of my answers, was probably not at all what they expected. “We bonded.” I said laughing, and taking a sip from the glass that had inspired such a question. “Well, I used to hate it. I was going through a difficult time when … Continue Reading

45 Things That Are Way Better Than Having a Boyfriend

All the single ladies, put ya hands up. Having a rock star career. Queso Dip. Happy Hour. Getting to travel or move anywhere in the world without feeling guilty or restrained. Harry Potter Marathon Weekends. Any and everything related to Beyonce. Chipotle. Rolling up “squad deep” to parties and bars with your friends. And then … Continue Reading