What It’s Like To Suddenly Grow Up Being The Only Latina

How being uprooted from my culture has made me a better person. I am originally from Brooklyn, New York. Over the course of a childhood spent bouncing back and forth from home to Manhattan for school and family parties, I was constantly seeing other Hispanics, minorities or people of color in my day-to-day life. The … Continue Reading


Why Hatred Has Fueled This Election and We’re All To Blame

“What will you be voting today Miss Lexi?” “Republican,” a ten-year-old me said with a proud smile, “Just like my mom and dad.” I was so thrilled to hand in my fake ballad that I remember not being able to sleep the night before. I was too excited. We had just learned a lot about … Continue Reading

An Open Letter to Everyone Saying They Won’t Vote

Dear frustrated humans expressing or contemplating boycotting their right to vote, I want to start off by saying that on the surface, I understand your frustration. The sensationalized, especially controversial election is discouraging. The candidates degrading each on stage, daily scandals and caps-locked Twitter battles have you feeling pretty hopeless about your potential options for … Continue Reading