How Do I Have a Boyfriend at Home While I’m Studying Abroad?

When you’re with the right person, having a boyfriend feels a lot like “finding your other half.” An over- romanticized notion, sure, but I’m someone lucky enough to understand the true meaning behind the cliche. When he’s the one, being with him is just a great addition to the type of support you need to … Continue Reading


Why Being in a Relationship Doesn't Mean You Lack Independence

I feel there is this idea floating around the world of blogging that denotes a certain negativity to those in relationships at younger ages. I want to address this because I have discovered in my own life that in fact relationships are not indefinitely the poison to your youth. Some of you reading this may … Continue Reading

"Open When" Mailbox Gift for Valentine's Day

Hey everyone I wanted to upload a few different ideas and projects that I have done in the spirit of the upcoming holiday. A DIY Valentine’s Day present is very special and meaningful and I know there are a lot of people out there looking for some ideas. Above is a really easy gift to … Continue Reading