30 Grey’s Anatomy Moments Everyone Can Relate To

Alright, I admit it. After 12 seasons (and half way through 13) I’m still a loyal Grey’s Anatomy fan. I’ve religiously watched this show for over half of my life. I still love it, and nothing will change my mind, no matter how many characters are killed off (though I’m definitely still upset about a … Continue Reading


The Ten Commandments of Twitter

As the made-up-in-my-mind milestone of my 8,000th tweet approaches I have a confession to make: Hello, my name is Angela Myers, it’s been 34 seconds since my last tweet, and I am a twitterholic. Phew that feels good to get off my chest. No, but seriously. I joined twitter at the innocent age of 17 … Continue Reading

Laughing and Learning Through Life’s Many Changes

This article is a part of the #ShareWhatMatters campaign, a movement dedicated to sharing positivity, gratitude, activism and the stories that really matter.  Growing up with a father who worked in the oil industry, I moved a lot. By a lot I mean almost every year of my life. Adjusting over and over was incredibly … Continue Reading

18 Signs Coffee Really Is Your Greatest Love

You’ve read the romance novels. You’ve watched the gushy movies with horrific acting with incredibly attractive people that make you cry when they achieve true love. You’ve also found a few loves and made a few stories of your own. However, none of those kisses were ever quite as hot as a big, tantalizing, delicious, … Continue Reading

11 Things We Fake In Our Social Media Lives

It is our nature to blame the media for our poor perceptions of reality and the ways we compare ourselves to idealistic standards. At one time, that may have been true. It may have been the airbrushed models in the magazines, and the seemingly flawless lifestyles of celebrities that made us feel like boring little … Continue Reading

32 Things Couples Actually Want To Thank Each Other For

  I mean, yeah, thanks for loving me and everything, but if we are being real here… 1. Thank you for continuing to pretend Chipotle is healthy. 2. Thank you for letting me choose to post the photo of us that is very clearly the one that’s better of me. 3. Thank you for every … Continue Reading

40 Weird Things That Happen When Your Boyfriend Is Your Best Friend

My boyfriend is my best friend, which means every day gets to be filled with love, laughter and the perfect dose of craziness. 1. He sees you in true form. There’s right before bed, zit cream and all. There’s drunk you with eye liner smeared on your face and nacho cheese in your hair. There … Continue Reading

10 Annoying Assumptions College Girls Are Totally Sick Of

“No, I don’t want you to do a body shot off of me….ever.”   1. We just party, all of the time. We don’t study. We don’t have jobs. We don’t read books. Just lots and lots of cheap alcohol funneling down our throats. False. Just because a girl is in college and may decide … Continue Reading

22 Painful Moments Every Woman Has When Sleeping Beside A Man

Trying to sleep with a male is not for the faint of heart…   1. The initial misconception you have that sleeping together will be this cute and cuddly little heaven. Only to have reality and drool stomp on your dreams.   2. There’s the snoring, because I swear every single man snores. And this … Continue Reading

25 Thoughts College Students Have When Procrastinating

Procrastination is an art.     1. Okay, it’s time to get work done. I’ve got this.   2. Wait, what’s happening in the Instagram world right now? I better check it out, but only for a second. And then there’s Facebook…and Twitter…   3. I wonder what my ex is up to these days. … Continue Reading