The Honest Truth About High School

My younger cousin just began her journey into high school– the shortest and longest four years of conflicted adolescent development — and it’s caused me to reflect about the realities I have learned since leaving high school, college and every other varying stage of my life. To start, it wasn’t until years after graduation that … Continue Reading


How “Degrassi” Was The Most Progressive Show Of All Time

“Degrassi: The Next Generation” is one of the greatest exports from Canada, other than maple syrup lollipops and Justin Trudeau. But, in all honesty, “Degrassi” was one of the most progressive shows out there, complete with heroin addiction, sexting, abuse and Holly J getting a new kidney. Some might say that this show was over … Continue Reading

The Truth About Getting Over Your First Love

I have an advice page on this blog where anyone can anonymously write to me. I have received a massive amount of requests pertaining to the loss of a first love. I read your posts with a heavy heart. This is for you girls. I would like to first smash all credibility you may think … Continue Reading