10 Honest Realities of Being Engaged

Before getting engaged, I often dreamed about what it would be like. I assumed it involved lots of ring selfies, champagne to celebrate at any given moment and nothing but total bliss and happiness. The way engagements and engaged life is portrayed in the media, who could blame me? I dreamed that my fianc√© and … Continue Reading


14 Must-See Tips & Tricks For New Bloggers

This is an older post, recently refreshed for additional insights and tips into the magically evolving blogging world. My name is Lexi Herrick, the founder of HerTrack.com and blogging has changed my life. It’s become a roller coaster of opportunity and I have learned the ups and downs of managing a website and being a … Continue Reading

10 Hopes I Have For Past Loves

It feels as natural as breathing to harvest hatred and anger towards those we have loved and lost. I know I have. I have been fortunate enough to have fallen in love twice in my life. Both were very different and special people. I blamed those special people for some time. A lot of the … Continue Reading

30 Pieces of Life Advice From My Two Rockstar Grandmas

Memoirs from the discussions of a four-hour car ride with both of my grandmothers. Never let other people define you. Marry your best friend. You should do what you love in life, even if it doesn’t pay top dollar. Enjoy your youth because it flies by incredibly fast. Be yourself and be honest. Not everyone … Continue Reading