This is Why I’m Scared to Write About You

I write about things to bring them to light. To make them real. And if you’re wondering why I haven’t written about you yet, it’s because I’m afraid to. I am scared to write about you because then you’ll shift from a possibility to a reality. I write about things that make me feel. I … Continue Reading


When Your Heart Feels Too Much

Sometimes I wish my heart would just give itself a break. You know, be put in time-out, take a little siesta, perhaps get sent to Exile Island by Jeff Probst. I’m the type of person that feels everything. My strong ISFJ personality often shoots some exasperating thoughts from my heart to my mind, and if … Continue Reading

40 Signs You May Be Hopelessly Sentimental

It’s time to face the facts, you’re a feeler. You have a serious vendetta against throwing anything away. You need that clay model cat you made at summer camp when you were eleven. It’s special. You’re a chronic Facebook sharer of engagement videos. And emotional videos of people overcoming obstacles. And videos of puppies. Basically, … Continue Reading