20 Things Only People With (Really) Curly Hair Will Understand

As a child I had straight hair that occasionally was wavy when the humidity was just right. But that all changed when I was around the age of 13 and  woke up one morning rocking full on fro! No lies.  It has taken me a good few years to understand how my hair works and … Continue Reading


11 Decisions That Will Change a Girl’s Life

The word decision can often be misinterpreted. A decision is not a single entity, but rather a series of building blocks consisting of actions and considerations. Every single day we make decisions of all sizes. We decide on perceptions of others, and of life and purpose. We also decide what makes us laugh, what inspires … Continue Reading

15 Things College Students Are Just Not In the Mood For Today

College is freaking great, but sometimes we are just not in the mood.   1. Waiting for the professor to get to class. I’m sorry, last time I checked I have to be here on time, I’m about to dock your participation points.   2. Getting literally every due date on the syllabus moved around … Continue Reading