Marissa WolfgangMarissa is a 23-year-old living in the suburbs of Philadelphia constantly looking for her next adventure. She currently works as a Content Specialist and volunteers as a Crisis Counselor for Crisis Text Line. Marissa believes everyone has an important story to tell and is an advocate for mental health, creative expression, and cultivating compassion. You can find her exploring a hiking trail, drinking too much tea, or impatiently waiting by platform 9 ¾ in an endless search for the Hogwarts Express.

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Lexi Herrick
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Lexi is the founder of She is also an SEO Nerd living in New York City with her cat and collection of cheesy coffee mugs. Lexi contributes to a number of online publications and is always trying to get involved in the conversation. She’s an advocate for equality, knowledge, healthy relationships, compassion, self-confidence, integrity and above all, love. She’s addicted to caffeinated beverages and people who make her smile.