Welcome to Girl Tips, a section of Her Track where we set out to answer and make conversation on some of the toughest, most asked questions on the web. Woman to woman. Heart to heart. We pour ourselves into the answers. Fill out the form below to submit a question of your own!

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Why start Girl Tips?

When I began this blog as a bubbly, slightly wayward college sophomore chugging coffee in my dorm room, I decided to create a page where readers could submit anonymous questions. The response I received was overwhelming. Hundreds of questions, stories and confessions came pouring into my inbox. I had no idea how to respond and eventually couldn’t manage the page on my own. Now, I have a team that grows every single week and brings an incredible amount of diversity and perspective to this website. When I presented the idea of bringing the advice section back, the enthusiastic response had me beaming with pride and joy.

The second part of this push is that I’m also a full-time SEO Analyst. Therefore I started discovering tools that demonstrated the most asked questions on the web about some of the topics we seek to explore on this page. When I plugged in the searches and saw the lack of helpful, genuine responses to these women looking for solace and comfort, I physically was brought to tears. We have so many questions in this world and sometimes no one to answer them, or no one who feels comfortable enough opening their heart to some of the most vulnerable and exhilarating experiences they have encountered. We are comfortable. If there is anything that this page can do, and that we can do for each other, it’s help women everywhere to believe this life-changing reality, “You are not alone.”

Reach out. Respond to the posts with your own experiences. Talk. Provide the most incredible tool you each have, your own perspectives. Below is a submission form for sending questions, name and email aren’t required, that’s all up to you. We are beyond thrilled here at Her Track to start this journey together.

Love and Gratitude,