10 Ways To Use Essential Oils in Your Everyday Life

Recently people have started to explore many complementary therapies while seeking to improve their health and wellness, and essential oils are just one modality. I started using essential oils over 4 years ago as I was looking to better support my teenage daughter. Unfortunately, she is allergic to almost every indoor and outdoor allergen (pollen, … Continue Reading


How Do I Have a Boyfriend at Home While I’m Studying Abroad?

When you’re with the right person, having a boyfriend feels a lot like “finding your other half.” An over- romanticized notion, sure, but I’m someone lucky enough to understand the true meaning behind the cliche. When he’s the one, being with him is just a great addition to the type of support you need to … Continue Reading

15 Essentials For Surviving Wedding Season

It’s that time of year again when fancy envelopes with the hand-drawn calligraphy names begin to arrive in your mailbox. It’s wedding season. If you’re like me, you’ve already started penciling in upcoming wedding dates for college roommates, childhood friends, distant cousins and people from all walks of life. Is your head spinning yet just … Continue Reading

What age should you stop partying?

Dear Party Animal, Life events and time tend to dictate for us when the partying should stop. I had a lot of fun in college, all the way from freshman to senior year the weekends were reserved for whooping it up with booze and buddies. I had so much fun! The most miraculous thing about … Continue Reading

Why Should I Study French?

Bonjour, mes ami(e)s! For all y’all who don’t speak the language of love yet, that’s Hi, my friends! There are so many different reasons that a person should study French. I think you might want to consider this one as your #1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2U9TlvTh0GI *Le swoon*   Who wouldn’t want to know what that hottie is … Continue Reading

Why is college good for you?

The most common answer to a question like this is college is the gateway to getting a great job and in my experience it has been. I am forever grateful for being able to land a position for a publication right out of college because most do not. But in reality, nowadays employers are looking … Continue Reading

Why is dating in college bad?

College is a place where you’re supposed to find who you are and be as active as you possibly can. Now that doesn’t mean hook up with as many people as you want, (unless that’s your style) but I mean getting involved with everything and anything school wise. I went to Penn State University meaning I … Continue Reading

How does college change you?

There is no easy answer to this question because it varies so dramatically based upon the person. College changes a lot of things. It is typically the first experience you have in your young adult life where you are forced to completely step outside of your comfort zone. In my own life, those have been … Continue Reading