Ok people, it’s almost time for Halloween…YES, ALREADY!

Finding an easy Halloween costume that’s comfortable, affordable AND fashionable is quite the challenge. It’s also not exactly easy to go sorting through the expensive, cheaply made costumes the Internet has designated for this fun but kind of weird holiday.

I’m personally a big fan of either sourcing your own closet for fun costume components or buying inexpensive pieces that you can actually re-wear on a day other than Halloween. Because of this, I’ve learned to get creative with repurposing regular clothing and grabbing fun accessories for the finishing touches.

Below you can find 10 fun ideas for Halloween costumes that you can pull together for celebrations ranging from casual parties to fancy occasions.

1. Hippie Chick.

2. Modern Mermaid.

3. Rocker Chick.

4. Elsa the Sparkly Snow Queen.

5. Kim Possible.

6. Minnie Mouse.

7. 1920’s Fancy Flapper.

8. Rosie the Riveter.

9. Hawaiian Hula Girl.

10. Bad Girl Sandy.

11. Tinkerbell Fairy.

12. Wednesday Adams.

13. Sweet Scarecrow.

Happy Halloween!!!

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Lexi Herrick

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