Fall is in the air, along with over-sized sweaters, various sizes of boots and way too many flannels.  Fall outfit ideas are fun, comfortable and filled with the creative spark that can only come from a multitude of layers and cups of spiced coffee. I have spent the last few hours immersed in Polyvore building fall outfits for my ever-expanding Pinterest collections, and I am thrilled to share those with you! Let me know of any fall favs of your own below and check us out on Pinterest for more.

1. Green backpack, gray t shirt dress and combat boots.


2. Lace-up boots and infinity scarf.

3. Over-sized sweatshirt, ripped jeans and chucks.


4. Skinny jeans and hoodie combo.


5. Preppy pink sweater and rose gold accessories.


6. Comfy black Nike workout outfit.


7. Flannel, gray vest and gray boots.


8. Knee-high boots and blanket scarf.


9. Black ripped jeans, green sweater and dark lipstick.


10. Boyfriend jeans and warm sweaters.


11. Flannel, coffee cup and baseball cap.


12. Maroon pants, long necklaces and pretty notebooks.


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Lexi Herrick

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