A lot of who we become is founded on the lessons we learned as kids. Pets also taught us a thing or two about life that other people just don’t seem to understand…

1. The phrase “too many pets” is completely subjective.

#1 Growing up with pets her track
Mom, this actually getting out of hand the neighbor lady thinks I’m a dog walker for extra cash…


2. Leaving drinks unattended for any amount of time essentially means they’re up for grabs.

#2 growing up with pets her track
It’s fine, I wasn’t drinking that or anything.


3. The same goes for food.

#3 growing up with pets her track
Can I go to the bathroom without getting my pizza eaten or is that too much to ask?


4. Pets sometimes get more pampering than you do.

#4 growing up with pets her track
OK a manicure was too expensive but Whiskers gets another new collar. I see you mom. I see you.


 5. Alarms aren’t necessary because animals are hungry at 6AM.

#5 growing up with pets her track
Waking up early has never been an issue for you, as it’s usually involved fur in your face.


6. Animals are more confident in their abilities than you will ever be.

#6 growing up with pets her track
Which leads to some pretty hysterical behavior on their part.


7. When you have friends come over that really aren’t into animals, they are naturally your pet’s new favorite person.

#7 growing up with pets her track
It’s like they can sense it.


8. Rules are sometimes made to be broken.

#8 growing up with pets her track
“HEY! GET OFF THE.. uh, whatever screw it.”


9. Whenever you’re busy, they’re ready for some bonding.

#9 growing up with pets her track


10. Whenever you’re trying to cuddle, they have places to be.

#10 growing up with pets her track
The realest pet situation I have ever seen in meme form is illustrated above. That’s life.


11. It’s OK to be unique.

#11 growing up with pets her track
Judge me, I dare you. My bird doesn’t care what you think.


12. Personal space is a myth.

Downward dog means something entirely different with an actual dog in your face…


13. The lint brush is a necessary instrument for success and happiness.

#13 growing up with pets her track
Drake, we understand your struggle is worth it for the cuteness of your puppy.


14. Above all, growing up with pets teaches you patience, flexibility, responsibility and how much joy snuggling up with a furry creature can actually bring to your life.

#14 growing up with pets her track


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