True friendship knows no bounds…and has no boundaries.

1. Group texts are a way of life.

2. Essentially, if you leave that thing alone for a few hours you come back to fifty messages.

3. Late night phone calls must be answered.

4. Countdowns to the next time you will be seeing each other are a necessity.

5. Plans are discussed and anticipated for months in advance, which only makes them that much more exciting.

6. You still have to keep each other up-to-date with all the gruesome details of your life. No exceptions.

7. Video chatting gets real. X-rated real. Sad movie real. Two-hour long rant real.

8. You regularly bring up missing each other’s families.

9. You still run to each other first to share good news.

10. You also still go to each other for the bad news, and the times you need some serious group therapy.

11. You’ve all been friends for so long that your inside jokes and reminiscing constantly continues through your long-distance conversations.

12. You have sent a multitude of distressed text messages about missing each other and contemplation of throwing this week’s paycheck into a one-way plane ticket to reunite with your favorite people.

13. You’ve talked optimistically about your futures on numerous occasions, where you’ll all be hot moms and not have to live so far away from each other.

14. You’ve spent an absurd amount of money on travel for visits.

15. When you do see each other, you fall back into place like clockwork. The insults and giant hugs start flying right from the start.

16. And you’re usually overly excited about it.

17. And you’re usually overly drunk.

18. Because every second you get to spend with each other is absorbed for the rare and beautiful occasion that it should be.

19. Visits are absolutely jam-packed full of adventures and memories.

20. Goodbyes are never easy.

21. But you appreciate each other more than ever. Adversity has only caused your friendship and love to strengthen. Distance never stood a fighting chance. You’re invincible, and you know it. You love it.

Because few things in life are as remarkable as finding friendships like you’ve found in each other, and you’ll be damned if you ever let that go.



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Lexi Herrick
Lexi Herrick

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