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Procrastination is an art.



1. Okay, it’s time to get work done. I’ve got this.

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2. Wait, what’s happening in the Instagram world right now? I better check it out, but only for a second. And then there’s Facebook…and Twitter…

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3. I wonder what my ex is up to these days. Oh, there’s a new change in the relationship status. I see. Well, now I need to gather some intel.

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4. I definitely bought the shirt that’s being worn with the new boo thang in this picture. That is not cool.

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5.Okay this is getting a little creepy… I better get back to studying.

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6. Thinking. Thinking. Thinking.

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7. I bet my poor, neglected pet really wants my attention right now. I have to go find him. He needs me.

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8. Why won’t you love me? Aren’t you supposed to freaking love me? Jerk.



9. Bathroom break.
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10. Well, I literally have done zero work so far.


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11. Of course this stupid group message with my friends is blowing up right now. 45 new messages?!


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12. God, I’m starving. That’s probably why I can’t concentrate. I’m practically famished over here.



13. Coffee would be nice too. I should make coffee.

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14. NOW I am ready to roll.

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15. My room is grotesque right now. How can anyone work in this environment? Something has to be done.

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16. Ew, maybe I need to dust too. Where does all of this dust come from? Does anyone even know what dust actually is?

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17. Perfect. Now what page was I on, again? Wait, someone just liked my photo on Instagram. Who are you? Oh, hellooooooo. I’ve got to find out more about this new Instagram fan that I have gained.



18. Why do I even have to study? I wish I could invent a magic study cap that automatically transfers information into my brain while I watch Netflix. I could do it. Amazing inventions happen every day, right?

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19. I wonder what my friends are up to? I bet a group study session would prove to be a super productive choice.

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20. There are just so many other things I would rather be doing right now. So. Many. Things. 

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21. Maybe I need a tutor.

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22. I don’t need a tutor. I’m smart. Well, I’m smarter than people who need tutors, right?

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23. What? It’s been two hours already!

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24. Why can I never accomplish anything?!

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25. Oh, look a funny blog article. I have to check this out.

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