1. Listening to country music is like living in a perpetual summer.
  2. It’s really not “country western” anymore. It’s like rock, but better.
  3. Have you actually seen Luke Bryan?
  4. When you dance to country music you don’t have to try to be sexy, you can just have fun.
  5. Seriously though, you can ditch the weird grinding face and just sing and laugh.
  6. While still shaking your honky tonk badonkadonk.
  7. It can magically amplify your pride in America for the duration of a song.
  8. Come on, you can’t tell me “Proud to Be an American” doesn’t make you feel damn patriotic.
  10. There’s a country song for literally every state of your love life.
  11. Are you heartbroken? Country song.
  12. Are you in love? Country song.
  13. Do you want to get drunk for any reason at all? Infinite amount of country songs.
  14. Most fans have a desire to go to Nashville, where you can’t go to the bathroom at a gas station without being serenaded by live music. It’s awesome.
  15. Whenever you temporarily lose faith in humanity, country music offers songs about family and daddy-daughter relationships to warm your heart and actually make you like humans again.
  16. What other genre can sing about how cool your dog is?
  17. Florida Georgia Line likes to throw in the occasional rap section and link up with Nelly for country-rap masterpieces. If Nelly doesn’t hate on country music, you definitely shouldn’t.
  18. Are you harder than Nelly? Do you have a tattoo on your stomach that says “lunatic”?
  19. Didn’t think so.
  20. Country concerts aren’t actually physically hazardous, it’s like a big friendly beer party.
  21. You can play country songs in front of your parent’s without them cringing at every other word.
  22. Referring to women in vulgar and derogatory terms is not a frequent practice of country artists.
  23. Country music is optimum background music for any activity that takes place outside. Bon-fires, cook outs, beach bumming, stargazing, you name it.
  24. Each song is like listening to someone sing you the words of a story.
  25. The artists are reliable and never go completely off the deep end to try to achieve a new pop-culture inspired image.
  26. They are very content with their cowboy boots.
  27. Country music often depicts love and friendship in a way that is wholesome and beautiful. The words can feel like they’re directed right towards your heart.
  28. Really though, listening to a Brad Paisley song makes you feel like his wife.
  29. On that same note, The Zac Brown Band makes you feel like their life-long buddy.
  30. Everyone is actually The Zac Brown Band’s life-long buddy, even if they don’t know it yet.
  31. The acoustic guitar is therapeutic  for the soul.
  32. The songs don’t have to be edited with a ton of electronic noises to be remarkably fun.
  33. Ladies really do love country boys.
  34. If you stop the hating and embrace a love for country music, you’ll end up so moved by it that you’ll look like this little girl seeing Luke Bryan. You’re welcome world.


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Lexi Herrick

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