It’s time to face the facts, you’re a feeler.

  1. You have a serious vendetta against throwing anything away. You need that clay model cat you made at summer camp when you were eleven. It’s special.
  2. You’re a chronic Facebook sharer of engagement videos.
  3. And emotional videos of people overcoming obstacles.
  4. And videos of puppies.
  5. Basically, you share anything that made you cry.
  6. You have an incredible memory.
  7. Most people have no idea what you’re talking about when you recount some of those memories.
  8. You would very rarely give a gift without a hand written greeting card included.
  9. You have read more Jodi Picoult or Nicholas Sparks novels than you like to admit to.
  10. Your room or home is like a shrine to your memories.
  11. When someone alters a simple tradition, like not decorating the Christmas tree together, your entire world shatters.
  12. You probably own a piece of jewelry or item that belonged to someone in your family and cherish it like no other.
  13. You find moments spent enjoying sunsets and star-filled skies to be impeccable and irreplaceable.
  14. You’re a total photo nut. You have to document your memoirs, of course.
  15. You were at one time a huge fan of Extreme Home Makeover.
  16. Every gift is special. You either hand-make a gift or take forever picking out something that is absolutely perfect for the receiver.
  17. Why would you ever get someone a gift card if you could make them a photo collage?!
  18. Gift cards are Satan.
  19. You get emotionally attached to the characters in the TV shows that you follow.
  20. You would rather be cuddling than doing most other things in life.
  21. You feel connected to the place that you are from or in. You’d defend your hometown, high school, or college if need be.
  22. People have referred to you as a pack rat a few times in your life.
  23. You are partial to antique items and thrift shops.
  24. You’re always the friend that tries to plan dorky activities for you all to do.
  25. Essentially you are the dedicated game night, Christmas gift exchange, and movie night planner.
  26. You can look at certain articles of clothing and remember exact memories from when you were once wearing them.
  27. Therefore, getting rid of clothing is tremendously problematic.
  28. Whenever a movie is remotely sad, you start to tear up.
  29. You’re are very interested in hearing the life stories of others and find yourself completely captivated by their words.
  30. You’ve looked at old home videos and baby pictures more often than the average person.
  31. You can’t resist clicking on link to a sappy article.
  32. You’re very sensitive about people devaluing things that you care about.
  33. This tends to be an issue because as a general rule, you care about most things more than other people do.
  34. You save the cards that people have given you. You’ve got birthday card from age seven hidden away somewhere.
  35. You get insane enjoyment out of personalizing everything.
  36. There has been at least one time that a hard drive has crashed or you’ve had to lose all of the content on your phone and it has actually brought you to tears.
  37. Or you forced yourself not to in an attempt to appear like a moderately normal person.
  38. You keep trinkets like movie tickets and bands you wore for concerts.
  39. Feeling nostalgic is a regular occurrence for you.
  40. You’re a hugger.

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