Personalized Night Light Gift:

ImageThis is something I made for my sister to keep in her room as a photo and a small light. It was a simple find and a very easy gift to make! Basically, it just took a little digging, which I would encourage everyone to do. The main lesson with this craft is that you have to search in the clearance section of stores for discounted damaged items. This was a lit up snowman light that had the paper torn in it. I simply took the snowman paper out, printed out a photo of my sister and I on computer paper so that the light would shine through, and fixed the plastic cover with the new photo. I then decorated it with some pearls to add a little touch, which is something anyone can do more or less of as far as decorating. There are a ton of these little lamp boxes everywhere for every inexpensive too and a simple fix can make it a personalized and special gift.Image

Moto of the post: Never stop scavenging in the clearance section for the items that look half torn apart.

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